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Licensed Psychologist

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160 East 89th Street, NY, NY 10128 

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Counseling in Manhattan


About My Approach

The therapy that I provide is supportive and collaborative in nature.  In practice for 20 years in Manhattan, I treat adults (18 and over) with a wide range of psychological symptoms and personal development issues.  The clients I work with are seeking greater ease or fulfillment in their lives.  With specialized training in interpersonal and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a foundation in psychodynamic (insight-oriented) therapy, my practice is adaptable to each individual's strengths, needs and objectives.


My areas of expertise include therapy for anxiety, depression, grief, interpersonal conflicts and cultural stress.  I am dedicated to helping clients to acknowledge feelings, explore different coping strategies, and navigate impactful life changes.  I welcome new clients for consultation (one to three sessions) and therapy, as well as supervision.

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"..true satisfaction and fulfillment lies in valuing the truth of our experience.." 

-Sandra Maitri


Specializing in Therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Conflicts, Grief Counseling and Cultural or Political Stress                       

Anxiety Treatment

Do you tend to worry a lot and frequently feel tension or dread?  Have you had panic attacks or anxiety in performance or social situations?  If you're having trouble with anxiety or fear, you are not alone, and treatments are available.  I use cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness strategies to help clients notice when thoughts fuel worry or panic and discover ways to intervene in a cycle of escalating distress.  This approach provides specific skills and fosters self-exploration and awareness.  The interpersonal component of therapy facilitates naming both positive and negative feelings about a recent or anticipated life change.  Clients identify practical skills they may need to develop, e.g. assertiveness, to feel less overwhelmed.

Depression Treatment

Do you often feel down or unable to enjoy things you used to find satisfying?  Have low energy, trouble concentrating, appetite or sleep disturbances?  A dysphoric mood, if predominant, can interfere with responsibilities and potential.  Cognitive-behavioral techniques address negative assumptions about oneself and others.  When an event like a breakup or job loss triggers depression, symptoms tend to be noticeable to an individual.  Therapy helps clients to express and accept feelings and to explore ways to feel better in the new situation.  A chronic depression can be more subtle,  yet tends to involve marked self-criticism, irritability or hopelessness.  With  interpersonal therapy, clients often tackle a problem that had previously felt too risky.


Are you navigating a conflict with a significant person in your life?  Are you frustrated by patterns of interaction or dating?  Therapy facilitates an understanding of the underlying needs and feelings in a given situation.  Power dynamics and identity can be explored.  I enjoy helping clients to clarify objectives, honor self-care, and discover different communication options, e.g. after a recent argument or in preparation for opening up a dialogue.  With the support of therapy, many clients take steps to try something new, knowing they can review what worked and what didn't at the next visit. Sometimes role-playing is used in session to cultivate confidence and help anticipate an emotional exchange.  Research has shown that greater satisfaction in relationships is associated with improved mood.   

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